Natural Deodorant Paste

100% Natural

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Who said 100% natural had to be boring?


Stay fresh and odour free all day!

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PITS - Bubblegum Deodorant
50g Tin
PITS - Fruit Fizzer Deodorant
50g Tin
PITS - Lemon Sherbet Deodorant
50g Tin
PITS - Candy Cane Deodorant
50g Tin
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PITS -  Deodorant
ONLY  $45.00

Have the confidence to be you!

You asked for it, so we delivered a super effective deodorant with 100% natural ingredients, AND NOTHING ELSE.

At Aunty Amy’s, we wanted to do something positive for your pits! Our 100% natural deodorants combine the amazing benefits of Calendula, with odour-busting, antibacterial and skin soothing ingredients to leave you fresh and odour free.

But who cares about all that when you can smell like candy all day long!

Pits Deodorant, 100% Natural, 100% FUN!