The concept of purchasing local products and services makes us feel good. We tend to focus on the benefits of a reduced environmental footprint, but there are so many other wins when you Love Local. With small businesses now making up around 98 per cent of all businesses in Victoria, here are Aunty Amy’s top 10 reasons to Love Local.

1. Locally made products are often cheaper because the cost of transport and delivery is reduced.

2. Supporting local business promotes pride in the quality of the products and services offered because businesses want to be well respected in their local community - great news for the consumer.

3. If you know the people you serve, you are more likely to do well by them - promoting honesty, integrity and accountability.

4. The money stays local and if the local economy is good, then the input back into the neighbourhood will be higher.

5. Local business owners live in the community, are less likely to leave, and are more invested in the community's future.

6. Growth and innovation is stimulated in the community in which the business