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Aunty Amy’s Natural Remedies

Soothing Traditional Herbal Infusions

Made with the goodness of 100% natural ingredients

and NOTHING else!


Here at Aunty Amy’s we take our commitment to 100% natural very seriously.  It’s a love affair with nature and a desire to produce natural remedies and healing herbal infusions that really work, without the chemicals.


Diagnosed with severe epilepsy at 18 months of age, suffering from metal poisoning as a teenager and raised in a family where a holistic ‘bigger picture’ approach was inherent, developing natural health solutions for herself and her family became a driving factor for Amy.


With four generations of farmers on the land preceding her, a mother with a love for alternative solutions, and a tradition of great craftsmanship running deep, it isn’t surprising that Aunty Amy’s Natural Remedies was born.


Amy’s desire to provide her own young family with healthy natural alternatives, and to avoid the nasty chemicals, additives and preservatives so prevalent in most health products, set in motion a journey of creative discovery. Integrated with husband Michael’s extensive experience in health products, Aunty Amy’s Natural Remedies is a brand you can trust; with the expertise of an experienced company and the heart of a passionate small family business.


Based in the foothills of the Yarra Valley, nature abounds on our doorstep. With many of our ingredients originally grown or wild harvested from our own backyard and surrounding bush land, the land we live on inspires us to produce high quality, 100% natural, traditional herbal infusions we know you will love and trust for your family’s health needs.


Aunty Amy’s Natural Remedies -

100% natural ingredients and NOTHING else!

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We use 100% natural ingredients and NOTHING else!



Four Generations of knowledge and an inherent love for nature in every product.



We are proudly 100% Australian Made in the beautiful foothills of the Yarra Valley.



All of our products are lovingly handmade in the beautiful foothills of the Yarra Valley.