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By choosing to purchase from Aunty Amy's Natural Remedies you have chosen to support Amari. Aunty Amy's have committed to providing a portion of the profit from every product sold to the Amari Medical Program. You can also donate directly to Amari by visting the Amari website

Brian's Story

"Brian was the very first child we helped medically. We (Marita and a couple of Amari staff) were visiting his village which is about a 20 minute drive from the Amari property down on the edge of Lake Albert, when we came across him in 2012.

I knew that there a was hospital run by the Christian Blind Mission (called CoRSU) that had recently opened in Kampala ( that focussed on rehabilitative and reconstructive surgery for children, and who specialized in conditions such as clubbed limbs and cleft palates.

A generous donor provided the funding for us to get Brian down to Kampala for assessment, and for covering the cost of his surgery and associated requirements."  

Godfrey's Story

"Godfrey is our immediate neighbour, and began school with us as a five-year-old in 2013. He always struggled to walk any distance, and couldn’t participate in physical activity.

That stumped me for a bit! However, in what I consider a miracle, a connection put me in touch with an organisation (Morning Star Foundation) who help fund Ugandan and Chinese children to get heart surgery in India.  They agreed to assess Godfrey, and within a week or so we had confirmation they believed he could be helped, and were willing to take him into their programme.

He is doing well, and it is a joy to see him running around with the other students, playing soccer and also being successful in school."

James's Story

"One of our staff members came across James, who lives in a  fishing village immediately behind the Amari property.  James has clubbed feet, and Amari assisted his mother in getting him down to CoRSU hospital for assessment and treatment.

He’s had a bit of a hard road, as he has been encased in plaster for a good few months, which necessitated his mother travelling up and down to Kampala (a 16 hour round trip) with him every couple of weeks to get it taken off, the feet checked, and then plaster reapplied.

However, that procedure seems to have worked, and it is looking like he may not need surgery.  On his last visit just recently (July 2019) they have removed the plaster, and given him special orthotics to wear at night.  Amari continues to assist the mother in getting James down to CoRSU for ongoing reviews and physiotherapy.

Also lovely that this is one parent who really cares about her child, who hasn’t complained about the long trips, and who is using her own initiative in the care and physical therapy of her son."

Kenneth's Story

"Kenneth is the younger brother of a couple of other Amari students.  We first met him in July 2013, when his parents brought him up to Amari to see if he could be assisted. A donor who was visiting at the time offered to sponsor him and pay for medical treatment. So with her assistance, Amari was able to get Kenneth assessed, and get him onto specially medicated soap and cream, and the family received extra nutritional support. The improvement was remarkable, and within a couple of years the skin condition had righted itself. Kenneth is now studying at Amari, and is a happy, healthy little boy."

Winnie's Story

"Winnie was referred to us in 2015 when she was about one year old. Amari, with the assistance of a donor who had come across her in the community, sent her to CURE Hospital (10 hours from Buliisa in Eastern Uganda) where they specialise in hydrocephalus and neurological cases. She had surgery a few months later.  She is doing very well, and began school this year.  Amari continues to assist the family in getting Winnie down to Kampala a couple of times a year for reviews, and in helping with her school fees."